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Yes, all our EVs come with two charging cables 

    1. Type 2 is used to connect to public charging ports
    2. Domestic charging cables can be used to adapt the charger to regular household power outlets

    1. GBCR has two blink charging stations conveniently located at their main office in the heart of Grace Bay. 
    2. Public charging stations are located at ??
    3. An adapter cable is provided with your EV to allow you to charge the EV using regular household power outlets if needed.

Our rental agents will provide instructions on how to charge the electric vehicle upon pickup

The charging cost will vary based on where you charge the vehicle (ex. Solar powered station vs household electric, and based on the fluctuating fuel factor on island)

    1. Complimentary charging is provided at the Blink station, conveniently located at Grace Bay Car Rentals location in the heart of Grace Bay.  A Blink card will be provided at the time of the rental.
    2. Charging costs at any other location are the full responsibility of the renter/lessee 

    1. Factors such as speed, weather, and driving style will impact the range of your EV

    1. Roadside assistance will be dispatched to either tow the vehicle to the charging station or to provide a small charge through a portable charger to allow you to get to a charging station.  Note that both of these services will be an additional charge, so please keep an eye on your EV and charge as needed.  

    1. Prohibited features for the EV include, autosteer and autopilot, and the speed of the EVs are set at 80km/hr (50mph).  Tampering with any of these settings or driving in a prohibited manner will null and void and LDW agreements 

    1. The EV has significantly better acceleration as compared to a conventional vehicle and virtually no engine noise. 
    2. The braking of an EV is slightly different as when the foot is taken off the accelerator the vehicle slows automatically, allowing some energy to be recovered, and the conventional brake may or may not be needed